Where to read PSP Hacks by C.K. Sample format download audio phone information

Where to read PSP Hacks by C.K. Sample format download audio phone information

Where to read PSP Hacks by C.K. Sample format download audio phone information




Book description

Book description
Sure, its just what youve been clamoring for: an ultra slick, portable version of the most popular console gaming system in the world. But Sonys new PlayStation Portable (PSP) isnt just a handheld gaming device. Beyond its killer graphics and spectacular widescreen LCD for unparalleled game play, it also sports wireless connectivity and a variety of multimedia features, including video, music, and digital photography. Your wildly versatile, endlessly powerful PSP practically begs you to hack and repurpose it to your liking.To save you the trouble and show you how to make the PSP do more than you ever imagined--and more than Sony ever intended--PSP Hacks is one succinct volume of 50 of the coolest, most useful, up-to-the-minute hacks for this amazing device. Youll learn how to open your PSPs hardware and what to safely plug into it. Youll explore and put to good use every hidden feature of the device. Youll be able to move all sorts of multimedia onto your PSP and find ways to extend its wireless capabilities. And youll find out how to get the very best experience out of online game play.With PSP Hacks, you can accomplish a whole lot more than good gaming on the PSP. Youll quickly learn to surf the Web with a PSP, chat in IRC, and use the PSP to read web comics, ebooks, and RSS feeds. Other expert tips and tools allow you to sync an address book to your PSP, watch UMD movies, fool iTunes into thinking the PSP is an iPod Shuffle, and much more.The innovative hacks, tweaks, and how-tos in this essential guide make it easy to customize your PSP, take full advantage of features, capabilities, and functionality far beyond whats listed in the PSP user manual, and make your PSP perform countless tricks that only an all-in-one portable entertainment unit as remarkable and revolutionary as this one could.
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