UPDATED Montana Man by Barbara Delinsky (Goodreads Author) value text macbook online eng

UPDATED Montana Man by Barbara Delinsky (Goodreads Author) value text macbook online eng

UPDATED Montana Man by Barbara Delinsky (Goodreads Author) value text macbook online eng

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Book description

Book description
At last, a book has come along that justifies my guilty habit of swiping free romance novels whenever they are available (but only if they fit certain criteria -- this one fit my criteria of romances about cowboys.) I have to admit that this is one of the few romances Ive read where I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Although it fell into the usual romance tropes, including my pet peeve of oh-so-masculine men and oh-so-feminine women, both characters in this book feel real rather than just romanticized types. I liked that they both had romantic histories prior to the book (the woman was divorced, and the man had been around the block a few times). The other compelling factor in this book is that 90% of it takes place within one context: a blizzard that leaves two strangers stranded. The dialogue between them sounds real, and there are no pesky real-world distractions from the love story. There are also none of the annoying blown-out-of-proportion miscommunication and misunderstandings that most romances include (which makes me REALLY doubt the characters ability to have a grown-up relationship with one another).The one thing that did irk me a bit was the obligatory offspring in the epilogue. There must be some rule someplace that says no romance is complete without a baby or two on the last page. Hey, I like babies, but I do wish there was more diversity in how we envision the happily ever after. (Id actually give this 3.5 stars if it were an option. It wasnt *that* spectacular).
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