HOT Find Me When The Sun Goes Down by Lisa Olsen (Goodreads Author) fb2 ibooks iphone

HOT Find Me When The Sun Goes Down by Lisa Olsen (Goodreads Author) fb2 ibooks iphone

HOT Find Me When The Sun Goes Down by Lisa Olsen (Goodreads Author) fb2 ibooks iphone

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Book description

Book description
You know, weve never really talked about what it means that youve claimed me.Newbie vamp Anja Evans is eager to find out what it means to be claimed by sexy, vampire cop, Bishop. Unfortunately, he’s been transferred by the Order and she’s left to fend for herself. Eager to make up for his betrayal, bodyguard Rob offers a surprise trip to England, but will Anja find her happy ever after taking her place in vampire society? Or will the cutthroat political climate reveal what drove Bishop out of Europe in the first place? To complicate matters, there’s a vampire hunter on the loose wreaking havoc on the streets of London. Is Bishop being overprotective, as usual, or is Anja in real peril of losing her head? Mortal danger aside, the real threat to Bishop and Anja may just come from within.
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