CLICK Loving John by May Pang pdf information francais pc online

CLICK Loving John by May Pang pdf information francais pc online

CLICK Loving John by May Pang pdf information francais pc online

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Book description

Book description
Reading this book, the phrase that keeps coming to mind is what a mess. If youre a Beatles person, chances are you know about Johns 18-month lost weekend in which he was separated from Yoko. What you may not know is that Yoko herself orchestrated this weekend, even handpicking a young woman, May Pang, to serve as Johns mistress. Its not difficult to conclude that Yoko just wanted the notoriously jealous John out of her hair in order to carry out her own affairs with younger men. This is Mays story. May was a record company employee, and had previously worked as an assistant to John and Yoko at their apartment in NYCs Dakota building. That said, Im still pretty stunned she managed to hold it together around so many superstars of the 60s/70s music scene. In addition to John Lennon, May met and interacted with the other three ex-Beatles, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Elton John, et al. I couldnt imagine even speaking with these people, let alone inviting them into my home (and in the case of John) sleeping with them. I would have just been sitting there with a stupid look, gaping at them. Of course, May wouldnt have had much to reminisce about had she acted like that. I understand the criticism of this book. The author recreates conversations, which is always thorny territory. John was a very verbose guy, and his words are condensed here into sentences simpler than what he probably used. That said, we know many of the stories here are factual, as theyve been confirmed by photos, news articles, and other eyewitnesses. If you like the 1970s music scene, theres plenty of catnip here for you. John Lennon and Paul Simon having a clashing of the egos in the control room as Art Garfunkel grins beatifically on. Phil Spector throwing Joni Mitchell and Warren Beatty out of his studio in a fit of rage. The comedy of errors that was the production of Yokos film Fly, that starred, yes, a troupe of houseflies that refused to act on her demands. Other stories arent nearly so fun or funny. Both John and Yoko behave in ways that are absolutely shameful in differing ways. I already knew a lot of these aspects of their personalities, so it didnt really change my opinion of them.
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