CLICK Fearless by Tim Lott online link pocket kickass eng

CLICK Fearless by Tim Lott online link pocket kickass eng

CLICK Fearless by Tim Lott online link pocket kickass eng

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Book description

Book description
My name is Tim Lott and I have a ton of Very Important Political Observations to make! I could research global diplomacy (or lack thereof), red-handed corporate lobbying, and the insidious duality of any and all political parties, whether left or right, and use that information to write a scathing non-fiction book, or...Or I could write a shitty young adult novel. I think I will write a shitty young adult novel! So much easier! Kids dont care about quality, right? They wouldnt know stilted, obvious metaphors, even if they were sledgehammered over and over and over with them, right? Young adults are brainless! They are corrupted and ruled by television and social networking and video games, right? I can treat them with contempt and make money by writing in the teen-hip genre of dystopian literature!Awesome! Here we go!Okay. Im going to need a token character. A girl, maybe? Yes! Thats it. A girl. How subversive! Girls are usually weak and ignorant, so I will make mine strong and fearless and I will... OH MY GOD!... I will name her Little Fearless. Done! Even though shes fearless (ah ha ha ha ha), I should totally make her bland and predictable. What teen would notice that, right? None? Good. Moving on.Next, this girl is going to need friends. No, wait. Too conspicuous. Shes going to need fellow classmates. No! Prisoners! Its the future and shes in a place that looks like its a school, but its really an institution! For... uh... juveniles and the mentally ill. Oh, no. Ive set this book in the future. Ill call them juvies and mindcrips! Eat your heart out, Anthony Burgess!This school... its gotta have, like, social classes. Ive got to be able to comment on social strata. The most brutal girls rise to the top and those who refuse to adapt to the bourgeoisie-mentality will be punished and be forced to work in menial, mindcrippling jobs. Good Christ, Im a genius. Oof. I almost forgot! This girls classmates... they should be completely indistinguishable from each other. Good thing teenagers are stupid. I can make each character completely one-dimensional and stuff them each with interchangeable dialogue. That might be confusing, though. Why dont I just give them names that reveal their identity? Names like Beauty, Tattle, and Soapdish... because one is beautiful, one talks too much, and one likes to be clean. Writing a YA novel is so easy!Theres gotta be some central problem and Little Fearless must be FEARLESS and solve it. But how can she leave the Institution in order to succeed? Lets see. Well, the girls could produce a lot of trash that needs to be removed, so I guess she can escape in a garbage truck. Shell also need to get back in somehow. Maybe... maybe a laundry truck? Because... IVE GOT IT!... the girls at the Institution do peoples laundry. Little Fearless shouldnt be successful at first, though. So shell have to leave again. Dammit, Ive written myself into a corner, though. How will she get out a second and third time? I guess Ill have to use the garbage/laundry truck route again. And again.I bet theres one thing no teenager would pick up on, and thats foreshadowing. You know what would be really funny? If my foreshadowing is so damned transparent that I have one of the characters be a visionary. Also, I should drop hints at some of the identities of the antagonists... hints that are so obvious that if a teen doesnt pick up on it, theyll feel stupid when I reveal my ruse in the end.This is so much fun. I bet I could make it more fun by mashing Unnecessary Capital Letters into the story, weaving mood-jarring fantasy and fairy tale elements in the book, and maintaining a narrative that is completely devoid of tone. Teens would never pick up on all that, would they?They would?Oh, balls. Publish it anyway.
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